Singapore is an island country located at the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, south of the Malaysian state of Johor and north of Indonesias Riau islands. However, despite being the smallest nation in Southeast Asia, it still has its share of chicken farms.


Located in the central part of Singapore, Geylang has managed to remain trapped in the passage of time. The area is not only known as the main red light district of Singapore, but is also a food haven with thousands of Singaporeans flocking down every day for its relatively cheap food. One can find all manners of cuisine, from Thai to Chinese, Indian to Malay to Western.

Geylang is actually one main road, with small streets called "Lorongs" located on either side. Most of the chicken farms are located on the Even numbered lorongs (from Lor 6 all the way to Lor 20), however, we have seen an increasing number of freelance PRCs (ladies from Mainland China) overcrowding the streets of Geylang, and they can be found all over the even and odd numbered lorongs.

Legitimate Thai Chicken Farms
Located on the even lorongs are the Thai chicken farms. These are legitimate houses who report to the Government's Anti Vice Office. Their girls are mostly 20-29 year old Thais and have to undergo regular check ups and health screenings. Current rates for a short time session (20-25 mins) is S$50.00. You can also book multipls sessions if you like your girl or wish to have more time. Most of the Thai Chicken Farms are found on Lor 6,8,16 and 18.

These farms are easily identified by the large House number and there is usually a pimp outside beckoning you inside. Once inside, there is a fish tank of girls for you to choose. Upon your selection, make payment to the pimp and in you go. Once inside, the girl will take a shower with you before the action begins. Rooms are usually normal room sizes with decent comfy beds. Most of the girls will add a personal touch (usually soft toys, music, aromatherapy etc, to help soothe the mood)

Lorong 8, House 66A,B,C
Lorong 18, House 16,18, 30,34, 38, 42,44
Westhout Road (connecting road between Lor 16 & 18), House 37.

How to get there:
Nearest MRT: Kallang MRT or Aljunied MRT (Geylang is the area in-between) or take a cab (around S$6-10 from city area)

In Geylang, you'll find a mix of PRCs, Vietnamese and Indonesians with the occasional African (hugh booty!) all spread out everywhere. The Indonesian FLs are usually situated at Lor 10, while Lorong 8, 10, 12, 14, as well as some of the odd numbered Lorongs (9,11,13,15,17,19,21) are littered with PRCs. There are even some located as far away as Lor 24, 26, 28, 30.

The best PRC lookers are centred at Lor 8 and charge between S$100-S$150 for a Short Time. Indonesian girls at Lor 10 charge between S$25-$40, while the rest of the PRCs situated everywhere else charge between S$50 to S$80.

Service wise, have generally been poor, with the occasional gem.

Petain & Desker Road
Petain and Desker road haunts are actually alleys located along Serangoon road going toward the city, these two sex haunts are catered more for the budget conscious, but that doesn't mean there aren't any gems here. However, be warned, average age of girls here are between 30 to 60 (Yes no joke! For those with a Grandma fetish!) Prices are also considerably cheaper and can be as low as S$15 to about S$50 for a short time. Rooms in these areas are terribly cramped and its simply a cheap place for you to release.

Desker: House 98, look for Zarina
Petain: House 10, Room 1A (Rina)

How to get there:
Take a cab (around S$6-10 from city area)

Massage Parlours
Most of the massage parlours in Singapore offer some sort of hanky panky, from handjobs, to blowjobs to of course full sex. Please do not confuse these with those non-sexual high end spas (usually catering to both male and female) where you are attended to by a certified therapist. The last thing you want is to get embarrassed while naked!

Entry to these massage parlours range from S$30-$45 and this usually includes some sort of massage (shiatsu, javanese, balinese, or whatever new term they've coined). Some of the larger massage parlours usually have a steam room, movie room, small canteen where you can enjoy the facilities before being ushered into a pretty dark and seedy room (usually with attached toilet) where you can disrobe yourself and wait for your massuese to arrive.
Note: for the smaller establishments, you usually go straight into the room to wait for your massuese

Service will begin with a massage and its best to engage in small talk to help build up the chemistry between the working lady and yourself. After the massage, she'll then pop the golden question and you can choose from a menu or HJ, BJ or FJ. Do note that not all ladies offer the full course and service will vary. Prices range from S$30-50 for a HJ, S$60-$80 for a BJ and S$100-S$150 for a FJ.

Buy a copy of "The New Paper", a local tabloid Singapore newspaper, flip to the classifieds section in the centre and you will be spoilt for choice. Massage parlours have sprouted up all over the island and some small ones can even be found in usually quiet and reserved residential estates.